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Score! Match (iOS)

by First Touch Games Ltd.

The Road to GLORY awaits! From the award winning makers of Score! Hero & Dream League Soccer comes the real-time multiplayer soccer experience you have all been waiting for!

Dribble, pass, tackle and shoot your way to the top with Score! Match! Play YOUR way!

Recruit your friends, customise your team, choose your tactics and hone your skills.

Download and play today for FREE!
• Real-time fast-paced 1 on 1 matches against players from all over the world!
• Addictive, easy and fun Score! engine gameplay
• Advance through multiple arenas on your way to the top
• Earn packages to unlock new player types, formations, boot designs and much much more!
• Upgrade players to reach their full potential and showcase their skills on the pitch!
• Stunning 3D graphics, intelligent AI, and hundreds of unique animations
• Recruit Facebook friends to join your team!

Match, Score, WIN!
Please note: This game is free to play, but additional content and in-game items may be purchased for real money. To disable In App Purchases, go to Settings/General/Restriction.

This game requires an internet connection, and contains third party advertising.

The application Score! Match was published in the category Games on Mar 07, 2018 and was developed by First Touch Games Ltd.. The current version is 1.07. To download, install and play Score! Match, your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch will need to be on iOS 10.0 or higher that have at least 145 MB of free phone memory. We'd recommend you read the app's reviews before buying or downloading to see what other people say about this app.

Version 1.07 • Limited Time Event - Tougher Tackles • Gameplay Improvements • Bug Fixes For a more detailed breakdown of this update, please visit our forum at

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  • Bhdjjxjxxjjckcj j

    Too easy to score has anyone noticed it has more 1 star than 5

  • Grape jelly and steak sauce

    As a fan of soccer this game is such a great idea to have on a phone. This game has potential to be a worldwide hit given that soccer is an internationally respected sport. Gameplay seems great at first until you start losing several matches in a row due to technical difficulties, glitches, or just plain rage quitting. It seems like every time slightly experience opponent gets even close to the goal, they know exactly where to draw the line every time for a goal. In my personal opinion, it should be harder than that. Tackling is very hard to master and be successful with, so the odds are you or your opponent stays with the ball much longer than anticipated. Overall, entertaining game, but definitely needs some work.

  • Tafreeren

    The game is a bs RNG fiesta no skills required at all. I am just losing it with the stupid randomness of the game score has always been a skill game and tackling is just plain stupid and takes away the skill aspect. Total BS and money grab to get players better quickly.

  • Nay Yaung

    so great

  • Matt901026

    Good game but app crashes too often, making me lose my cash

  • AdamsWeaver

    The score series of games is a great series. Score Hero and the original Score were great games and I still love playing them. This one though needs a lot of help. I’m not sure if it is something different between the arenas, but when moving to the next one, the same swipe that I make in the first arena that scores a goal will seem to fly wide by a large margin. The defensive mechanics of the game I think are ok. Yes you have no control over when players slide, but if you time it right, and try and attack a player that runs with the ball, you will have a very good chance to steal it. Overall the idea for this game is great, but I feel that there are still a lot of kinks to work out.

  • Fungov

    I like this game except for sometimes the players much such dumb choices and give up on the ball. Also it would be cool to be able to play against your friends.

  • Zeako234

    Add the option to play with friends from game center or something. Make 1 gem= to 100 bux so u can more easily play in arena 1 when yr out of money.

  • Christian_568

    Add it so we can play Facebook friends, have tournaments, and play the full 2 minutes still but score as much as we can in that time

  • Nate dawg 123456

    I just lost 4 straight games because the app force closed on me. Now 4 people have my money and think that they won it off their own merit. Bologna!

  • Gonuts123

    Broken game. No matter how perfectly you draw your lines for passing the game will still screw you over by making your play run forward or backward.

  • Bigforsumthin

    The game appears fun on the surface but the horrendous AI makes the game unbearable after the gleam wears off. Wouldn’t recommend investing time into this game until the developers improve player AI as there is no reason my player should run away from the ball when my team has possession allowing the other teams defenseman to gain possession

  • Psycha208592

    Not a game for the faint of heart. WAY worse than EA sports games on console for BS plays. It’s all basically RNG. You don’t have much control besides the shots and passes, which are pointless if it makes you pass/shoot in a pointless path. Half the time the defenders will just stare down a striker as they walk right past them and score. Don’t download if you get mad at games easily like myself!

  • gg ez no re

    I am a defender myself and I know proper positioning. This garbage AI does not. The wing backs are always keeping the attackers on-sides, the center backs have no ability to guard 1 on 1, the midfielders are always chasing the attacker with the ball blindly, and the team as a whole can’t defend through balls. So many of the goals my AI gives up feel so undeserved. I suggest giving the defenders the ability to tackle without sliding and even without the tackle button activated. Give the offense less time to pass (it has never been a turnover for me). And let us choose what style of play our whole team can use (ie. park the bus or all out attack, fast or slow tempo, and offsides trap or deep defenders). The rest of the game is very well made.

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