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Eaten - The Food Rating App (iOS, US)

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Eaten - The Food Rating App by Eaten Technologies on the iOS (iPhone/iPad). View, search and get stats on reviews and star ratings, as displayed at US App Store.

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  • Faedaine

    Bugs are a problem Eaten Devs, I can not input more than one dish at a restaurant. I can’t see the date for when I ate there. When I move my finger on the screen I can feel the tactile feedback, so the dials are not showing to the public. Feedback recommendations: 1) Add sections for Appetizer, Entree, Dessert 2) I want to rate the individual dishes and then the restaurant overall. Or, allow the restaurant to be rated based on my average scores of dishes. 3) on my dashboard/homepage, if I select one image which takes me to more information about it, show other images from other people who also ate at that restaurant. I may be at the restaurant and looking for the best thing to get there. I may be able to get this information through another method, but it’s a user story. 4) Grouping of my reviews seem weird. I rather see a grouping of the Restaurants instead of the plate I had. So when I go to a place I have already been, it would be nice to click on the restaurant and then see the dishes I have already tried and rated. Thanks for listening!

    V.1.74 Reply
  • bacongrower

    Love this idea Love being able to find things by dish and seeing what to order

    V.1.73 Reply
  • man of the universe

    5-star concept! Love this app! It takes away all the factors that other websites/apps tend to focus on and lets me find the best dishes instead of the best restroom. Easy to use and perfect for the global foodie!

    V.1.62 Reply
  • I c thelight

    Fun & Well Done This app is so much fun, allowing you to post whatever dishes you like & review them. It works quite well & the developers are always improving it, since it is relatively new. They participate themselves & are extremely responsive to questions, suggestions & help requests. The food community here is very nice.

    V.1.57 Reply
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