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Smash Up - The Card Game (iOS)

by Nomad Games

Get ready to start the carnage in the digital edition of AEG’s shufflebuilding card game, Smash Up. Choose two faction decks from Pirates, Ninjas, Robots, Zombies, and more, and combine them to create a hybrid team that is a force to be reckoned with!

Mash up 2 factions into a 40 deck of cards, with each faction having different mechanics every mash up is different.

You only need 15 points to win the game…Sounds easy? How easy is it when another player has a Pirate-Dinosaur deck, they decide to sail into the base you have your eyes on and release King Rex to stomp your minions into the ground… Better think ahead bro.

“It’s a goofy theme with fun art and high replayability, but beneath that veneer of casual play is a great middle weight card game that lives on the line between hardcore gamer and casual enjoyment.” —Jonathan Bolding “The Escapist”

“Smash Up is smashing good fun, especially among gamers who can relax, revel in the sheer audacity of some stupid-good plays, and aren’t ashamed to let loose and let their geek flags fly.” —Dice Hate Me

“What do Pirates, Ninjas, Robots, Zombies, Aliens, Wizards and some other things have in common? They’re all trying to take over the world! But they can’t do it alone - so they’re teaming up.”

- Online Cross-platform multiplayer: 2 to 4 players
- Leader boards & Achievements
- Tutorial system plus ‘Step Through’ and ‘Review' modes to help players learn

-- Languages --
- English
- Français
- Deutsch

The application Smash Up - The Card Game was published in the category Games on Oct 12, 2017 and was developed by Nomad Games. The current version is 2.2. To download, install and play Smash Up - The Card Game, your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch will need to be on iOS 8.0 or higher that have at least 192 MB of free phone memory. We'd recommend you read the app's reviews before buying or downloading to see what other people say about this app.

Fix for online cross-play. AI infinite loop fixes.

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