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Good Morning-! (iOS)

by SpeckTech Inc.

Good Morning! (in 10 languages)

Pick a beautiful morning, afternoon, evening, or night scene, as a base to build your customized greetings in Messages.

Select and send the scene. Then add your greeting in English, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Swedish, Vietnamese, or Korean, by dragging your greeting(s) onto the scene.

Four greetings are included in all 10 languages:
Good Morning!
Good Afternoon!
Good Evening!
Good Night!

45 beautiful sunsets, sunrises, and panoramic background scenes included.

A perfect way to start or end a day's Messages dialog with your friends! Customize your daily greetings.

Mix and match with other stickers from SpeckTech Inc. Sample stickers from other sets are included.

The application Good Morning-! was published in the category Stickers on Feb 14, 2017 and was developed by SpeckTech Inc.. The current version is 2.5. To download, install and use Good Morning-!, your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch will need to be on iOS 10.0 or higher that have at least 19 MB of free phone memory. We'd recommend you read the app's reviews before buying or downloading to see what other people say about this app.

More samples, more languages (now with Vietnamese and Korean). Revised icon.

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