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Rush Boxing - Real Tough Man (iOS, US)

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Avg. Stars 4.28571

Rush Boxing - Real Tough Man by ifunco on the iOS (iPhone/iPad). View, search and get stats on reviews and star ratings, as displayed at US App Store.

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  • nester4@awssome

    No patterns, avatar slower than bosses What’s the point of having a block feature if you still lose a good portion of your life when getting hit while using the block? After the 4th boss there’s no more patterns, the boss uses 4-5 different attacks but at random. His hits cost about 25% of life, even when blocking. Nothing to anticipate, just frustration. Sometimes when you try to dodge the avatar attacks instead, causing you get caught in a combo costing half life. Fun for the first few fights, then the bugs ensure you can’t win.

    V.6.5 Reply
  • Josiah richerd anderson

    Easy Can’t you make the 4th guy easier

    V.6.4 Reply
  • coll nolicolai

    Please add upgrades This game horrible it doesn’t have upgrades buttons

    V.6.4 Reply
  • Hater of hard games

    SO HAARD The 3 boxer is so hard. I’ve cried and cried and cried and cried. I’ve tried 500 time! Exactly 500 times. Not even my best skills along with a golden uppercut can beat him! I’ve asked my whole family but nobody, absolutely NOBODY could beat the third boxer. Can you please make him easier? I’ve spent days and hours of my life trying to beat this man. If you can make him easier, thank you.

    V.4.7 Reply
  • D-R2

    Could be better I enjoy the classic punchout type of action, but could use better defensive game controls, defensive controls seem to lack responsiveness.

    V.1.8 Reply
  • Habs_fan_33

    Old School at its Best I like the simplicity & style of the game. Fun looking opponents from different countries makes it interesting, but Andreas is quite the challenge!

    V.1.8 Reply
  • is there a nickname not taken?

    Fun!!! Ahhh the good ol days.

    V.1.0 Reply
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