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Meditations Pro Alma Pacifica (iOS)

by Alma Pacífica


Meditation is a personal journey to your soul. Through learning to meditate and quieting your mind, you will find your INNER VISION.

Our joy here at Alma Pacífica is to provide “guidelines” for your personal journey and to help you navigate through the ups & downs of life. At Alma Pacífica, we have created various GUIDED meditations for very specific subjects which we feel can bring peace of mind in such a turbulent world we are living in today.

Meditations available NOW!

1.Harmony(Introduction to meditation) – (Lite - 05:48 /Full - 10:38)
2.Journey Of The Heart – (Lite - 07:08 / Full - 12:41)
3.Abundance and Success -(Lite - 08:14 / Full - 11:29)
4.Perfect Health - – (Lite - 08:45/Full - 15:03)
5.Ego and Competition – (Lite - 09:54/Full - 15:48)
6.Love and Relationships (Lite- 7:59/Full- 17:54)
7.Letting go Of Fear - (Lite - 08:46/Full - 18:11)
8.Self Esteem - (Lite- 08:08/Full - 17:44)


ALMA PACÍFICA was founded & created by Arlene Matza-Jackson and Jon Jackson.

Arlene and Jon bring over 30 years of experience, study, devotion, and love for meditation and the practices of spiritual studies. As graduates of Dr Beverly Gaard's National Academy of Metaphysics, Self Realization (SRF) and Science of Mind, they will guide you to the Master’s Path. As a writer, Arlene paints her spiritual vision on to the canvas of these healing and enlightening meditation journeys. As a composer, Jon’s soothing music is a wonderful backdrop to these guided meditations.

If you are NEW to meditation and find it hard to “quiet your mind” these meditations are designed to help you get started. For some, it feels like a natural way to go within and silence all thoughts. For others, it can be a process to find this inner vision. Since we are all “uniquely” different, it may take some time to find your own personal space inside with your favorite meditation.

Getting Started:
Meditating can be a simple quieting of your mind. We offer guided journeys that bring you inner peace and a way to clear your mind for your “wisdom” and “intuition” to come through. These meditations can bring more energy flow and light to your life so that each day can be lived from a place of quiet inner direction. With these meditations you can feel more emotionally in balance living a divinely guided life. When your trust your thoughts, you trust your life. With an open heart we wish you a peaceful and light filled journey.

The application Meditations Pro Alma Pacifica was published in the category Health & Fitness on Apr 21, 2018 and was developed by Alma Pacífica. The current version is 2.0.4. To download, install and use Meditations Pro Alma Pacifica, your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch will need to be on iOS 10.0 or higher that have at least 42 MB of free phone memory. We'd recommend you read the app's reviews before buying or downloading to see what other people say about this app.

Happy Holidays ! We are excited to bring you this update. What's new: 1. Updated meditation guide 2. Share the app with your friends and family 3. Explore our music and social media presence and most of all, many bug fixes !

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