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Drop the Clock (iOS)

by A Small Game AB

Drop the clock and slow down time in this physics based arcade puzzle game! Use the simple one touch controls to avoid the obstacles in your way and get to the exit!

How to play: Press and hold anywhere to slow down time. Avoid the enemies and get to the exit quickly for three stars!

Preferable skills to play the game:

• Luck
• Fast thinking
• Good timing

Don't forget: Time is on your side!

The application Drop the Clock was published in the category Games on Mar 07, 2018 and was developed by A Small Game AB. The current version is 1.2. To download, install and play Drop the Clock, your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch will need to be on iOS 9.0 or higher that have at least 46 MB of free phone memory. We'd recommend you read the app's reviews before buying or downloading to see what other people say about this app.

• Added a small instruction on how to play in level 1! • Bug fixes & Tweaks! Thank you for playing Drop the Clock!

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  • Doge5010

    Ok I am done with this game the dead face creeps me out like one million nightmares oh my gosh.I AGREE WITH DONALD TRUMP

  • Hydrozoline

    I really liked this game! The controls were easy, and being able to slow down time was a neat way to play. There were ads every few levels (to be expected in a free game), but they weren’t annoying or intrusive. I was convinced to download this game by three things: the free price, high ratings and developer responses in the reviews (I think it’s pretty cool to hear from the developer!). I was a bit sad when I finished the game... perhaps more levels will come out? Fingers crossed!


    A game unlike any I've ever played before. The slow motion mechanic is awesome! I only wish that there were more levels, as I beat it in around 45 minutes

  • Cricklop

    I beat this in about 40 minutes and I’m absolutely happy I downloaded it... in read the reviews on this and I thought this would Be bad but it’s actually really challenging and fun. I would definitely download it if I were you.

  • 21blastbro

    Game was awesome and it is also awesome that you respond to all of the reviews

  • Joshua D.

    Overall I think, Drop the Clock, is super adorable, decently challenging and quite a fun experience. To me, the artwork and sound design are both very endearing and cute. And, I found it very easy to understand the game dynamics right away. The only issue that I have with this title, though, is that there is no way to remove the advertisements, i.e. no in-app purchase to make to permanently get rid of them. Having thirty second advertisements play after beating a level really ruins the immersion of the game in my opinion. I would be glad to show my support for the developer and pay $1-$2 or so to get rid of the ads. Having that option seems like a win - win for the development team to me. Because, with it, you still make ad-revenue like normal from the folks who don't mind having the ads in the game. But, you'd also make additional money on top of that from the people like myself who would pay to permanently remove the advertisements. Yes, you'd then potentially lose those customers ad-revenue. Though, I never, ever click advertisements anyways. But hopefully that IAP to remove the ads would made up for that possible loss there. And I would assume a lot of the IAP users don't ever click advertisements either. So you'd probably not lose much in my opinion from offering that in-app purchase. So, I would like to ask the developer to please consider introducing an in-app purchase option to permanently remove the ads from Drop the Clock. Thank you if you'll consider doing so. But, outside of that slight irritation. I still believe this video game is one of the best and most entertaining titles I've come across on the App Store in quite a while. If you haven't downloaded and played Drop the Clock yet, I highly recommend that you check it out. Thanks for this fun physics game and God bless. iPad Air 2/ iPhone 6 Plus iOS 11.2.6

  • Gaicka

    Guys, you did nice job! The game is addicting, I pre-ordered it and now passed all levels for 3 stars. Good puzzle game :) thank you for experience!

  • belbel01

    Really need information or instructions

  • Rater3544636

    Great but short

  • Hal03663

    This game is great, just needs more levels. 👍👍👍

  • Joey032906

    I tried this game out and it’s pretty good, just can you add a tutorial and more levels?

  • Pringles jarry

    This game is five stars because it has very unique gameplay, great soundtrack, and difficult challenges!

  • Simsplayer9747

    I pre ordered this game because it looked cute and i thought i would enjoy it. Most of the puzzles are trying to trick you into looking complex, but in reality, they are pretty simple. I enjoyed all 48 levels and hope there will be more in the future.

  • KevKreator (first review ever)


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