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Sticked Man - God Battle Sim (iOS)

by Sergey Zanin

Time to rush into the greatest scramble ever - Sticked Man - God Battle Sim game! Become a crafty sticked man god trying to protect your lands and possessions from the cruel opponents – the other sticked men gods! Show them all how skillful you’re performing absolutely amazing fighting styles and even martial arts and be the best!

The beginning of your fighter career is here, at our new game! Choose your fighter, learn all its skills, characteristics and super blows in the training mode of this game and get ready for a real fight! Like any god you’ll have some special (maybe even magic) abilities: freezing, stunning, combo strikes and other – just use them wisely!

Be attentive enough not to miss any powerful blow – your health bar is limited, unfortunately! Watch it carefully, otherwise, your game may become over! Earn points for each successfully defeated sticked man god rival and unlock more upgrades to become really dexterous, strong and fast – or just start your game with an absolutely new fighter! Play Sticked Man - God Battle Sim and just enjoy it!

Here you can try four exciting game modes – training, ladder, single and survival ones! Try to pass through all of them to gain a title of a real sticked man god champion! Show them all who’s the boss here! It’s not so easy, ‘cause all these brutal fighters are really skillful! Moreover – each one of them has its own super combo strikes!

Sticked Man - God Battle Sim features:
• Wonderful atmosphere of eternal sticked man god battles
• Four stunning game modes (including training, ladder, single and survival)
• Fantastic types of fighting characters with their own skills
• High-quality battle locations made in colorful 3D graphics

Check your skills playing this awesome Sticked Man - God Battle Sim game and become the real champion!

The application Sticked Man - God Battle Sim was published in the category Games on Feb 12, 2018 and was developed by Sergey Zanin. The current version is 1.0.0. To download, install and play Sticked Man - God Battle Sim, your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch will need to be on iOS 8.1 or higher that have at least 148 MB of free phone memory. We'd recommend you read the app's reviews before buying or downloading to see what other people say about this app.

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

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