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BOSEbuild Listen (iOS)

by Bose Corporation

Make your ears happy!

BOSEbuild Listen is the companion app to the BOSEbuild Headphones. It includes hours of experiments and games that help you discover how sound and hearing work as you build and customize your own Bluetooth® headphones.

You’ll need the BOSEbuild Headphones before you can use this app. Visit to find out more.

With BOSEbuild Listen you can “see” what sound looks like in an augmented reality sound wave. You’ll conduct experiments with the speed of sound, and play immersive games based on concepts like directional hearing and echolocation. The app also guides you with step-by-step, animated instructions as you assemble your headphones. Everything you need is included – no tools required!

Included in the app:
• What Is a Headphone: Get a close-up look inside a sound wave, and see how your headphones work.
• What Is a Microphone: Find out how microphones can “hear” sound.
• Where Is Sound Coming From: Learn how directional hearing works.
• Tap Memory: Repeat the patterns of light and sound! How far can you go?
• How Fast Is Sound: Measure the speed of a sound wave.
• Can You Use Sound as a Ruler: Use sound waves to measure distance.
• Assemble Your Headphones: Follow the animated instructions to build your BOSEbuild Headphones.
• Using Your BOSEbuild Headphones: Learn how to use the built-in music controls.
• Customize Your Colors: Design your own custom colored light effects for your headphones.
• Pitch Shifter: Raise or lower the sounds around you.
• Double-Sided Sound: Hear what it sounds like if you swap ears.
• Food Fight: Use your directional hearing to defend yourself.
• How Loud Is Too Loud: Learn how to measure the loudness of different sounds.
• Don’t Damage Your Ears: What happens when your hearing deteriorates?
• Echo Lake: Hear your echo from across a virtual mountain lake.
• How Do Rooms Change Sound: Hear what different spaces sound like.
• SONAR: Rescue at Echo Cave: Use echolocation to find your way through the maze.

The application BOSEbuild Listen was published in the category Education on Jun 11, 2018 and was developed by Bose Corporation. The current version is 1.1. To download, install and use BOSEbuild Listen, your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch will need to be on iOS 10.0 or higher that have at least 507 MB of free phone memory. We'd recommend you read the app's reviews before buying or downloading to see what other people say about this app.

For this update, we've included a few bug fixes and improvements: • We fixed a bug that could cause the app to quit unexpectedly while in the background. • We also fixed an issue where firmware update error messages would pop up even when there was no error. • We added the app build number to the Advanced Settings page.

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