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Chordmill: Play Along Music (iOS)


CHORDMILL – MusicPlayAlongApp – The app with the fast circle of fifths for music students and teachers, professionals and amateurs, for all instruments and voices.

CHORDMILL enables you to build your own sound landscapes by quickly clicking on the circle of fifths. The resulting chord progressions can be used to practise musical content.

We put an emphasis on short musical sequences (4-12 measures) in all 12 keys, which are meticulously produced with a variety of grooves. The repeat function lets you use the sequences for practice.

The samples are not simply transposed and copied but are recorded in each key. All instruments are recorded professionally in a studio. Therefore the CHORDMILL samples convey a realistic band feeling.

You can save your playbacks in the “Favorites” menu. To change tempo, fine-tuning as well as transposition go to the “Settings” menu.

CHORDMILL is organized into 6 main groups:

CHORDS: Train scales, accompaniment and improvisation with the most common chords.
CHORD PROGRESSIONS: This is the next step in accompaniment and improvisation combining chords into chord progressions.
POP PROGRESSIONS: Discover the 4 most important chord progressions in pop music. Use the samples to try out your own melodies.
JAZZ TURNAROUNDS: These chord progressions further build your chord vocabulary with progressions used in most jazz standards.
BLUES: Whether Slow Blues, Jazz Blues, New Orleans Blues or Minor Blues, CHORDMILL will ignite the blues in you!
TUNES: Here’s where you find our original compositions in five different versions: Tutti, No Head, No Bass, No Piano/Keyboard, and No Drums. This enables you to make full use of your own instrument or voice.

Chordmill has a new „Drum-Button“ in the middle of the circle of fifths! It lets you choose samples recorded without drums for all of the grooves in the app (included in CHORDMILL – basic). Also the metronome (cllick, count in) is new in the App!
Sheet music is available in the free download area at Use the many other instructions and learning assistance. They will inspire you and push your playing to the next level! Also the Tunes are professionally notated taking into account transposing instruments.

Let yourself get inspired by the „CHORDMILL – Artists“ videos on our homepage as well as our YouTube Channel.

Have fun with CHORDMILL!

The application Chordmill: Play Along Music was published in the category Music on Jun 01, 2018 and was developed by DICKBAUER GASSELSBERGER OG. The current version is 1.3.1. To download, install and use Chordmill: Play Along Music, your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch will need to be on iOS 11.4 or higher that have at least 24 MB of free phone memory. We'd recommend you read the app's reviews before buying or downloading to see what other people say about this app.

+ minor improvements and fixes

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