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AdventureTripr (iOS)

by Marat Khabibullin

Your all-in-one adventure platform.

Ever find yourself spending hours researching and comparing sites, saving tabs, and wishing you had more information on the trip? We sure did. We wanted something sleek, searchable, that provided the right information about the trip to make us feel confident in the experience we were signing up for. That platform didn’t exist yet, so we created it.

Getting outside shouldn’t be complicated or intimidating.

With all the bells and whistles and technicalities (sometimes) that come with outdoor adventures, it can be intimidating to make the plunge and try something new, or even piece together something familiar. We are on the mission to simply get more people outside by lowering the barriers to getting you there, so you can feel rejuvenated by nature and fall even more in love with the beauty of our planet.

We have a responsibility.

The more we explore and connect with our beautiful planet, the more we feel responsible to protect and nurture it. Adventure travel doesn’t just benefit the traveler, but also the destination by creating employment, income, and fostering incentive for conservation.

The application AdventureTripr was published in the category Travel on Feb 20, 2021 and was developed by Marat Khabibullin. The current version is 1.10. To download, install and use AdventureTripr, your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch will need to be on iOS 10.0 or higher that have at least 27 MB of free phone memory. We'd recommend you read the app's reviews before buying or downloading to see what other people say about this app.

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