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Node Chronicles (iOS)

by Node Chronicles

Discover Your Passion
Find your love for reading about
technology and computer science.

The Tao of Tech
A tao for the behaviors, traits, and cultural
aspects of the technology industry.

A Missing Tech History
The never before told legendary
history about technology.

Content Overview
Discover the world of physics, energy, programming, hardware, and quantum mechanics through the life of Gou Sokyeo, a 13-year-old teenage energy hacker, and his friends, after they discover The Hacker Way, a guide that explores hidden tao. Piece together our complete tech history while learning about the latest concepts in a mixed fiction and non-fiction adventure. Download the app and scan bonus clues if you have the books to unlock digital legends like Erwin Schrodinger, James Clerk Maxwell, Albert Einstein, Ada Lovelace, and Nikola Tesla (book not required). Collect symbols and build your own periodic table of technology as you go. If you're interested in computer science, Node Chronicles is the most complete telling of all the components, history, and future of where we're headed as a civilization.

Book Features
Each book contains 10 symbols representing essential eclectic topics that must be scanned with a smartphone for further information. Objects such as symbols, legends, and elements must be scanned to unlock the story mode, plot payoffs, hidden texts, characters, questions and to build your periodic table of knowledge.

Node Chronicles is the big bang of only the most important information you'll need to get up to speed fast on technology, computer science, and more. The readings won't inundate you with low-level, complex information -- rather, the stories and collectible items fit together like pieces of a puzzle to offer cultural guidance, the significance and history of our greatest discoveries, and the current state of technology.

App Features
- 10 computer science-related symbols to collect in each book
- 30+ characters (legends) to unlock in the app
- 50+ periodic computer science elements to unlock while reading (flashcards)
- Animated mini-comics reiterate the physical books sequential stories
- 5-15 minute reading sections per symbol w/ noob & elite reading level options
- One existential question per symbol to answer with a special fortune after
- Ability to review all the symbols, legends, and elements unlocked
- Ability to share all your unlocks with friends 

Release Notes
This first major release (1.0) is part of our public BETA. We're collecting feedback to help improve our app and make it the #1 app for learning computer science history and culture. Expect frequent updates and improvements to the app, with more content, episodes, and features.

The application Node Chronicles was published in the category Education on Jul 31, 2021 and was developed by Node Chronicles. The current version is 1.1. To download, install and use Node Chronicles, your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch will need to be on iOS 11.0 or higher that have at least 90 MB of free phone memory. We'd recommend you read the app's reviews before buying or downloading to see what other people say about this app.

Small UI bug fixes and aesthetic improvements.

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