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Booketition:read,learn,compete (iOS)

by Artemis Ltd., CHK

Booketition is a reading competition app to motivate people to read more. Explore our reading competitions where you can verify your books’ knowledge through simple assessments, share your results with your friends and compare them among other readers.

Add books to ‘Want to read shelf’, move them to other shelves as you read them through and build your ‘Reading portfolio’.

- Simple assessment to verify that you have read a book
- Profile to keep track of the bookshelves and save assessment results
- Feedback to send your opinion so we can make the app better
- Global rating to compare yourself with others around the world
- Competitions for book readers to find out the best ones

We appreciate your feedback. You can send it through the app or email us at

The application Booketition:read,learn,compete was published in the category Education on Sep 06, 2021 and was developed by Artemis Ltd., CHK. The current version is 1.0. To download, install and use Booketition:read,learn,compete, your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch will need to be on iOS 13.0 or higher that have at least 12 MB of free phone memory. We'd recommend you read the app's reviews before buying or downloading to see what other people say about this app.

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